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Winter support for post-fire garden recovery

Many of the plants in our gardens are propagated during winter by dividing clumps, or digging up tubers and bulbs.

Bega Valley Seed Savers, with the support of the Bega and District Garden Club, is organising a collection of this plant material to be distributed to communities undertaking post-fire recovery: Cobargo, Quaama and Wyndham. Other locations may be added as they are organised.

Gardens in these areas are being rebuilt from scratch, so every type of plant is being sought: ground covers, perennials, succulents, natives, edibles, flowering plants, everything. Plant material can be supplied simply wrapped in damp paper; or in a box with damp sawdust or straw; or potted up.

Everyone who has any plants to spare is encouraged to bring them to the collection point in Littleton Gardens, Bega, at the following collection dates and times:

Friday 17th July, 8.30am until noon
Saturday 18th July, 8.30am until 9.30am.

Volunteers will then transport the plants out to the fire recovery locations on the Saturday morning, to arrive by 10.30am, for distribution to locals. Each location has local volunteers helping to coordinate the distribution in their communities. We will be there rain or shine.

This event replaces the annual Divide and Swap Day that Seed Savers runs each July, which usually focusses on just edible plants such as rhubarb and artichokes. A future Spring seedling distribution is also in the pipeline for fire-recovery locations,so there will be an opportunity to share those plants that aren't able to be propagated in winter.


SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.