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Bega Valley Seed Savers Coordinator - Position Available

If you are interested in this position please send a brief application to by 28th February 2023. Questions about the position can be directed to Liz - 0414 562 234 or by email to

Work hours: up to 3 hours per week*.

Remuneration: $30 per hour.

Role: Coordinate seed production activity at the BVSS seed garden at Springvale, including supporting existing volunteers and growing the volunteer base. The Coordinator is expected to be on site with the volunteers for up to 2 hours every Tuesday** morning.

Skills sought: The right person for this role will have organisational and planning skills, including attention to detail and record keeping as well as good communication and leadership skills. Some vegetable gardening knowledge and experience, preferably including seed growing would be an asset.

Group context: The Coordinator will be working directly with a group of keen volunteers, who are happy to share their skills and knowledge.

Payment process: The Coordinator will invoice BVSS for payment, based on hours worked and/or money expended.

Role description

1. Look after the volunteers as the most important asset of BVSS

  • manage ‘toolbox talk’ process at the start of each work session

  • induct new volunteers to the site, including ensuring they know WH&S processes, location of first aid kit, their responsibilities to look after themselves and each other, site etiquette

  • recognise and appreciate volunteer efforts.

2. Manage purchasing for Springvale garden requirements (e.g. mulch, nets, string, star pickets …)

  • consult on requirements

  • track expenditure and maintain appropriate records, invoice as required.

3. Gather group input and propose planting schedules for the Springvale site (within season, and season to season)

  • check with other BVSS seed growers and current stocks held to determine priorities and minimise overlaps

  • manage appropriate crop rotation

  • avoid interactions between Paul & Linda crops and BVSS (e.g. shading, cross-pollination).

4. Manage weekly task list with input from volunteers and site owners (P&L)

  • maintain and regularly update bed planting/tasks table, and circulate as necessary.

5. Ensure that all plant varieties are labelled clearly in the beds.

6. Manage any drying or processing required for harvested seed. Volunteers will often take fruit or pods for processing

  • ensure material is labelled, record who has taken which variety, and ensure seed is returned and appropriately labelled

  • arrange for any seed ready for processing to go to the monthly gathering, for volunteers to clean.

7. Communicate with volunteers, so that everyone knows what is going on

  • email the Springvale volunteers regularly (weekly encourages attendance)

  • be clear about any changes in dates/times of work sessions (seasonal).

8. Communicate with BVSS and the general public

  • post updates to the BVSS FaceBook page and occasional updates to the ‘discuss’ email list, as necessary

  • help to spread the word about seed saving and the work of BVSS to the general public

  • encourage volunteer participation at the Springvale site.

9. Manage events and/or workshops with support from volunteer members.

10. Look for and manage any grant applications with support from volunteer members.

Related matters

This role is expected to last for 12 months, with a trial period of up to 3 months. There is potential for the role to expand in the future and extend beyond 12 months. BVSS will assess the ongoing benefits to volunteers of a paid Coordinator at the end of 12 months. Continuation is also related to funds available, and that is related to BVSS activity and sales: producing and selling seed is the basis for everything else we do.

* As averaged over a month.

** There is some seasonal flexibility with the hours worked, for example in parts of winter we meet at Springvale fortnightly. This may free up overall hours for other activities.

If there are unused Coordinator hours available, there are opportunities for workshops/events throughout the year, for example in spring to kick-off seed saving activity, including to encourage new people in the area with an interest in food production.


February 2023

SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.