OHS : Bega Valley Seed Savers

Bega Valley Seedsavers OH & S Plan

No risks to life or threat of serious injury have been identified as likely to occur during Bega Valley Seed Saver (BVSS) activities. These activities occur both at the SCPA Market in Bega and in volunteer's homes.

All members and participants are encouraged to watch for and take appropriate control action for any risks to themselves or others.

Known Hazards

The group has identified the following known hazards, risks and controls.


Known Hazard Risk Controls
Manual Handling - Lifting and carrying. Minor Risk of injury to Musco-skeletal system 1. Volunteers to self-select tasks to match physical capabilities.
2. Marquee frame to be lifted by two people.
Inhalation - Dust & Fungus Minor Risk to respiratory system. 1. Seed cleaning activities that generate air-borne particles to be undertaken in well ventilated areas.
2. Volunteers who are aware they have relevant allergies are responsible for taking appropriate action to avoid negative outcomes.
Skin & Eye Irritants Minor Risk to skin and eyes. 1. Volunteers handling material likely to produce skin or eye irritation (eg. chillies) to use provided gloves.


Incident Response

All serious emergencies will be dealt with by ringing 000 for aid.

Minor injuries may be treated by volunteers with appropriate first aid training.

Incidents to be reported in writing to the SCPA Executive. Report to include at a minimum the following information: date; location where incident occurred; full name of person involved; a brief description of the incident and any injury that occurred.

Complaints that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all members of the Bega Valley Seed Savers group will be forwarded to the SCPA Executive for review and resolution.

Communication Plan

This document to be made publicly available on the BVSS website. Notification of the availability and any future updates to the document to be notified to the BVSS email list.

This document to be available as a printed copy for review by new members and visitors. Copy to be kept with the BVSS kit.

Version 1.0 05/06/12


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SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.